It all started when the days seemed quite plain explores how artists continue to engage with and develop their own practice whilst also engaged in work for which they are not directly employed as an artist.

The book reveals new artworks made, in secret, in the workplace, alongside essays that consider notions of status and value.

Contributing artists: Sovay Berriman, Sam Curtis, Antoinette Hachler, John O’Hare, Henrietta Hine, Kevin Logan, Fiona Lumbers and Melanie Stidolph.

Artists in conversation: Ruth Claxton and Becky Shaw.
£10 (inc p&p)

SC And that’s when I started to make art, secretly, under the table at work. At the start it was just the callout, the invitation to other artists to participate in this, which is still there, sellotaped underneath.

BS So it’s literally that thing of saying there’s this surface and I’m not just this.

SC And just this sense of joy; underneath the table, that sense of power.

BS A bit of autonomy, a bit of subversion.

SC Exactly, and not intended necessarily as a critique but just as a statement that I’m still here. And yet of course that’s not why people have responded, people have responded for all sorts of different reasons….

Extract of conversation with artist Becky Shaw