Line Drawing is an ongoing exhibition of line drawings of a diecast scale model Yugo 45 being exhibited in galleries around the world in an attempt to create a trans-global line drawing.

With each drawing the exhibiting gallery receives a Yugo Car Pin that serves as a nominal map pin marking its location. Taking Paul Auster’s iconic detective novel The New York Trilogy as its initial inspiration, in which Auster’s street walking character Stillman spells out his message through the route he takes, as the project develops virtual connections are created between each Yugo pin point. Ultimately, if they were to be joined together with a physical line, the lines would spell written across both hemispheres I Love my Yugo.

International in its scope but singularly personal and unstudied in its detail this work reconsiders what a drawing may be.


Line Drawing received its London launch in August 2012 with an installation to accompany the Nunnery Gallery’s retrospective of the work of Madge Gill.

Yugo Pin Locations and Holders:
Moscow, Ulaanbaatar, Beijing. The Transiberian Arts Centre, A KITCHEN Project
Sligo, Ireland. Floating World Project Space
London. Nunnery Gallery
Melbourne, Australia SEVENTH. Workers Window. Screen Space. Seventh Gallery
Line Drawing VII was auctioned at an Art Auction in aid of the Donal Parsons Trust at The Model, Sligo, Ireland on 29th May 2014.