Carne’s Yugo Zastava 45A  made its first appearance in My mother, the fish and the last gin bottle (Viewpoint Gallery 1998), a photographic series that addressed inheritance, place and loss.

In August 2003 she drove the Yugo to Novi Sad in Serbia (former Yugoslavia) to encounter other Yugo drivers and make a video. Its title I Love my Yugo has now become a framing device for the ongoing project that encompasses artists’ books, drawings, interventions and potentially, at some point, a musical.

Whilst travelling to Novi Sad she started the slow painstaking process of adding letraset text to its bodywork detailing its breakdown history and encounters with local youths and meteorites, the effort of application contrasting strikingly with the neglect and vandalism wreaked upon the vehicle. As the project continues to develop the actual Yugo, no longer a functioning vehicle, slowly decays.


ARCHIVE: In May 2013 a diecast scale model Yugo 45 was buried as part of The Roadside Museum, a project curated by John O’Hare and Gordon Culshaw. The results of a year’s burial was exhibited at Venn Projects, 154-158 Church Street, Blackpool 15th September 16th October 2014