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I’m Looking for Barbara commissioned for Unfolding the Archive, NCAD Gallery, Dublin and F.E. McWilliam Gallery, Banbridge, Northern Ireland

This is a Public Service Announcement, commissioned by People United in association with the Southbank Centre for the Festival of Love

Brilliant research project for Tate Schools and Teachers programme.

I Love my Yugo

First 4:34 of 22:36 minutes

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Charting a solo road trip to Serbia in her inherited Yugo 45 I love My Yugo captures a moment in former Yugoslavia’s history just before production of the iconic, though much maligned, car ceased. The video explores the anthropomorphic relationship humans have with their vehicles alongside its status as both an emblem of national identity and a source of self-deprecation for the citizens of Novi Sad. After breakdowns and nights spent in the car Carne arrives in Serbia and finally meets other Yugo drivers, a reluctant Yugo salesman and a racing driver who cannot believe his eyes when he sees a right hand drive Yugo.

During the trip letraset was painstakingly applied to the bodywork of the car detailing its history, including damage inflicted by local children and possible meteorites, plus a list of all the breakdown men Carne has ever met.
The video was originally shown in the back of the car as she chauffered it between galleries in London, Manchester and Liverpool.
Carne continues to chart its physical decline whilst elevating its status through other artworks, interventions and a planned musical.

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